360 MovieTextures GEARVR (android)

Hey guys, do you know how do I put a 360 video in my game building for gearVR?

I read that I should put my .mp4 video inside my Content/Movies and do all the things that I should do to place a movie texture normaly just like I do when I build for Win64, but the video doesn’t start, just stay black when I press the
button that change the scene to that sphere with the texture while the player is inside of it


The source of the FILE or URL is in ./Movies/Default_Startup.mp4

I know that unity has plugins like Mobile Movie Texture, etc… But I’m afraid Unreal still doesn’t have support neither plugins that I can use to compile a game with 360 Movie Texture

When I build the game I use Android (ETC2) and all the configuration that should be used while compiling to GEARVR that teaches in this URL: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Platforms/GearVR/Prerequisites/index.html

I really need help guys, I’m having this problem for week already and I’m tired of having no solutions :frowning:

Go by steps. Is that working in a normal android app? Are you starting the media player (e.g. through the level blueprint)?

Are you sure the video does not play? e.g. can you hear the sound of the video? if yes, your problem may be the same bug I’m experiencing.
In that case, try using the video using a scene with sky and other objects, and using the texture on a normal plane instead of a sphere.

Have you had any successes with getting 360 video to play in a GearVR project? If so, could you please share your steps?
Thank you.

What format is the video? Most of the time, a video that can be played on Windows, won’t work on Android, and vice-versa. H.264 is supported by Android, but not by Windows. MPEG-4 should work on both platforms. Have a look at [Android Supported Media Formats][1].

Also, is there light in your scene? If you’re insisde a sphere, the sun light probably is not visible. You should put a static point light inside the sphere, or better, make sure that Default_Startup_Tex_Mat is an emissive material.


, if you can, upgrade to UE4.11 or the latst 4.12 as there have been some improvements to media player since 4.9

You can play H.264 video on windows if you grab a codec.

I agree with ocramot, double click on the material to open up the material editor, set the material’s shading model to Unlit and connect the movie texture to the Emissive Color node.

You will also need to start the media.
You can do that in your level blueprint.
Create a Media type variable. Hook up “Play Media Player” to Event Begin Play.

You can play H.264 video on windows if you grab a codec.
Excuse me haruna, what do you mean? :slight_smile: I have all my codecs installed and I can play H264 videos just fine in VLC, for instance, but I cannot play them in the UE4 editor preview. How did you achieve that?

Strange, these videos play in editor just fine for me. Out of curiosity, what is the aspect ratio of the videos you can’t get to play in the editor itself?

Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have some 360° videos with aspect ratio 3840x1920; the codec is H264 - MPEG-4 AVC (avc1). I also have some normal video 1920x1080; the codec is: MPEG-4 Video (mp4v). In both cases I can play them on Android device and on VLC, but not on UE4 Media Player.

Hi and thanks for the reply.
I had the same issue of 1920x1080 video not playing in UE4.
I ran some 1920x1080 photos in LR mode taken with my Ricoh Theta S through the official app and converted it to 1920x960, boom those videos played just fine in GearVR AND Unreal4!

Any video I brought in that was not 16:9 like 1920x960 the video would say “Pending” or something like that inside UE4.

Will try that too, thanks!