360 degree in-engine shots

Hey folks,

Now after YouTube support 360 degree videos
I was wondering, if we want to achieve that effect in UE4, what will be the best approach?

Like animated movable camera actor with BP? What is your suggestions?

I’ve seen it mentioned in another thread but what I was thinking was recording out the 6 different cameras of a cubemap and then stitching them into YouTube360’s required equirectangle. I’m just not sure how to stitch the 6 angles from the 6 different image sequences together other than doing one at a time.

Would love to do this though.

Hmmm did anyone tried setting camera FOV to 360?

going past 179 visually breaks things.

I had a look at the YouTube clip, and couldn’t see anything special about it. Am I missing a plug-in or something? What is a 360 degree camera? Does it take a still image that you can then move the camera in? (Because I just don’t see the point of wanting to put that inside a #D engine like Unreal) Or are you just trying to get a flat rectangle representing all the angles? (Which again, I don’t see the point of).

Sorry if this comes across as crotchety. I’m just trying to understand.

360 video is same as sphere image… just it’s video :stuck_out_tongue: in reality it’s 2D image:

but it can be folded in to sphere and viewed from any angle (like Google steet view… which is exact same thing). Since 360 cameras becomeing popular YouTube decided to include support to them, there also video software that let you generate graphics for such video. Such video can be also used in VR, but it also would require 3D for full VR effect. effect Currently it only work newest Chrome (HTML5 only) and newest version of YouTube application for Android.

I think such feature would be useful, aspecialy for ArchVis people to visualise there work, so insted of making dozen of screens you only create 1 360. suport for 360 video would be cool too. For game support of such images would be good for VR use, make screens and video for VR game

I think first we would need 360 screen then 360 video. I’m not sure if GPU let you do that, maybe more then 1 frame would be required or this.

Thanks for the explanation.

But why would you want to do this in Unreal Engine? The whole point is you do not have to take a still 2D image. You move around the scene in real-time in a 3D engine.

Not that I’m preventing anyone from doing this. Knock yourself out. :slight_smile:

EDIT: For those for whom English is not their first language, “Knock yourself out” means “Go right ahead and do it”. I’m not threatening violence. :slight_smile:

Because you can render a scene within a gaming engine to export for the masses on YouTube that will work with the lowest of hardware since there is no real-time rendering.

I make movies with UE. And until everyone has a VR headset the most common way people see these films is on the web as a video. The 360 video in the youtube example is super exciting because it gives user interactivity without asking the user to invest a lot in time/hardware.

Well, this person has done it.

No tutorial or contact info unfortunately.