360 degree cubic panorama type game possible?

Somehow im feeling the adventure vibe and was interested to hear if a 360 image based game is possible in udk(something like myst/dracula resurrection).
Its probably a cubemap texture pasted to a cube with inverted faces (as you shoud view it from the inside).But im not sure if this is the right method to make the
Any ideas to get me going?

Hey Dude! Is the adventure vibe related to this?

Not really, but im doing some brave experimentation right now and and trying to be smart.I think i will try the Environment Maps thing and see if this does the trick applyed to a cube.
Cheers Frank

I’m not familiar with the concept of a 360 image based game. got any screenshot that illustrates it?

Well from what i see,in those games the player is probably in the middle of a mesh(big sphere,cylinder or probably something else)and i suspect the mesh has to have inverted sides(faces) for you to see inside.I did this fotos a internet

Its a cubemap(one from udk) and i pasted the shader on 2 udk speheres.The one on the right looks good so i decided to export it in maya>flip the faces and import it back in udk(now is the one on the left) with the same shader but everytime i do this the shader is upside down(for every mesh i tryed)and even there is some strange bending from time to time?So there is defenetly something strange with the uvs in the meshes in udk.
Still im not sure if this is the right way to approach this technique.

Here is a exaple from dracula ressurection
Im sure i can do the movement and just leave the turning of the player>than make simo small object when clicked>i teleport to them and change the sphere environment.The problem is im not sure how to map a 360 environment the correct way to a object to mimic the look.

I don’t see much difference between this and a regular 3d view.
the movement is pretty much grid-based teleporting, and the camera rotation isn’t freelook but that’s easy to do.
or is it just the lack of parallaxing in the 3d rotation?

Yeah,movement is not a problem.The thing is im not sure if this is the correct way to map a 360 environment in a sphere avoiding distortions,streching.Im not even sure if i have to use the cubemap or shoud i try a different type of texture mapping on the sphere to create this type of environment?

Bahh,i was making this more difficult than it is.A good 360 photo will do the job just fine.Here is a quick example i made.
By the way,anyone knows how i can remove that teleport effect?Im not sure how is called so i commented out every teleport particle ive found without luck.Maybe is a spawn particle name rather than teleport?