360 captures in Unreal editor

If I “cook a game” version of my scene I can use the Ansel plugin to capture a 360 panorama but I don’t really want to compile everything into a game just to render stuff, the cinematic sequence does just fine for my use of UE4 and the occasional play in a new Window using shadowplay if I retarget a character to third person, Ansel won’t work in that.
Is there another way to capture 360 rendered images of my scenes I am overlooking?
I am not very skilled I just render animated videos I cannot code or set up Blueprints make games etc.

OK I have found the solution though there are limitations
the Panorama BP plugin
if I enable that I can drop the BP Sphere into the scene and play from the point I want captured in the editor
looking in the Blueprint options it only has a single shot or a movie and mentions an option to do normal or stereo panoramas but no plug where you can run the patch cord to for it, So every shot is stereo, I want mono shots.
just have to crop each capture I guess.
I have no idea what to rightclick and add to plug into instead,
Blueprints and node systems in general are not my strong point I am a simple user who just sets up animations in ready to use programs like iClone, DAZ, Carrara, Poser sometimes Blender :o but Unreal has some awesome features and renders realtime so want to learn to use it.
you can do the single frame and movie options but since your player will freeze while capturing the movie option rather pointless as you basically get the same shot with movement in the scene only.

Hi, did you work this out? The blueprint is executing a bunch of console commands. To change the settings you’ll need to change the commands. For example, to change from Stereo renders to Mono renders, change the console command from SP.Monoscopic 0 to **SP.Monoscopic 1. **

I was afraid of something like that
looking at a Blueprint and choosing and linking blocks nodes whatever I can fumble through to an extent but console commands a bit beyond me
I have no coding experience whatsover and the only things I can do in CMD on a computer for example is follow exact steps by someone else
as I said I just do simple animations using premade assets mostly though I have modeled the occasional thing and rigged it