32 Bit really slow

I have an urgent issue. I tested our game today in 32 Bit mode and noticed that it performed extremely bad! It runs at 12-16 fps, even though it runs smoothly with 60+ fps on the same machine, using the same graphics settings etc. when running in 64 Bit mode.

After using stat startfile and stat stopfile, i noticed that in the 32 bit version, FindPathToWidget consumes a HUGE amount of time (> 100 ms per frame), while in the 64 bit version it doesn’t.

How can I fix this? I attached two screenshots: The first is the 32 bit version stat file, the second is the 64 bit version.

Edit: I am using the launcher version of 4.13.1. I use the following two plugins: FMODStudio and WinDualShock from the PS4 files.

This error still appears

I would be careful about your PS4 NDA. Dunno anything about 32-bit or I would gladly help.

Where am I breaking the NDA?

I don’t know whether you are or not. I’m not a lawyer. People just seem really touchy about it around here, so I wanted to give you a heads up.

It seems that it has something to do with the WebBrowser UMG widget, when it is used as a 3d widget ingame and currently hidden.

This seems to cause this perforamance issue in the 32 bit executable (but not in the 64 bit executable). As a hotfix, I can remove this widget (or not create it at all) in the 32 bit version.

However, it would help me if Epic could confirm this and see if this is really a bug in UE4 itself, or if I’m using the widget wrong or something.

Edit: Again, using version 4.13.2. I did not test it with the 4.14.3 build, as I can’t upgrade the project right now (too risky and too much work right now).