32 bit platform support?

Anyone know what’s up with 32bit support? I’m trying to compile for a 32bit platform, but I’m hitting this assert in Async\Task.h.

static_assert(!PLATFORM_32BITS, "32bit Platforms are not supported");

Is Epic actually removing 32bit support or can I just not use the new task graph?

It’s being removed. Why would you need 32 bit platforms in 2022?

HTML5 is currently only 32 bit, could be this way for a year+. I have successfully ported 4.28(master ue4 branch) to HTML5 but UE5 is a little more challenging.

Not that I don’t believe you, but do you have an official source where it says 32 bit is been removed? I couldn’t find anything.

Yes Epic is removing 32 bit support, from the migration guide: “UE5EA does not support 32-bit platforms, and there are no plans to add 32-bit platform support in the future.”

Migration Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation

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