32-bit or 64-bit Windows packaging?

I’ve been doing all my packages using the Windows 32-bit option, but wondering if I should just do the 64-bit and set it as a requirement. Thoughts?

Well is your game pushing the 2GB RAM limit of 32bit applications?

I’m also curious about that. When we make e.g. a Steam PC game, should we package for both 32 bit and 64 bit, 32 bit for users without 64 bit system, or…? Isn’t 64 bit a standard right now?
@kabel Isn’t it 4GB?

90% of Steam users using Windows have a 64bit OS. If your game requires a gaming GPU, requiring a 64bit OS seems reasonable.


That’s good, thanks for the info!

I do 64bit as the main download, 32bit as an alternative for people who still need that.
Of course none of those games have broken out of the 32bit memory space yet so it really didn’t matter too much.