32-bit iOS error during build

LogPlayLevel:   clang: error: invalid iOS deployment version '-miphoneos-version-min=11.0', iOS 10 is the maximum deployment target for 32-bit targets -Winvalid-ios-deployment-target]

I’m getting this when I try to package an older project that I’ve imported to 4.19. The option for targeting 32-bit iOS doesn’t exist anymore, so I’m unsure why I’m getting this.

How do I fix it?

I think there is some setting left in some .ini file that is making the new engine missbehave… you will likely to check/compare with a brand new project and remove what is superfluous… it is a gut feeling thou… seems reasonable.

Yeah that’s what I thought too. I’ll have a crack at it but I’m probably just going to migrate to a new project.