30day free server for the 1st who fixes my problem with adk


and if you say: that option to be enabled: pls add picture or how i can find that option,

kind regards

Well far as i know when i was doing large scale map testing for paladin development and a smaller test map i had to enable world composition which handles level streaming of the sublevel sectors i did the main landscape first IE whole level on the persistent level then from there broke it up into sub levels sectors i did have one or two issues with foliage not displaying however this was because they where on a another sub level, this should apply to Ark aswell.

So the issue may just be in the order you have set up your level

This has to do with the World Composition Tile Manager, i remember i had a similar issue, when trying to mess with it, then gave up, because unable to move landscapes manually.

cant move landscape either, but thats no problem…for now for me…
the solution is: in window/world setting
go to world and enable world composition, then expand that “world” and unclick boundries and that other worldly thing,
see azumis tutorial for better (rd picture) answer