3060 12gb or 3070ti 8gb for unreal editor

Hey all,
Hope it’s in right thread to ask hardware related regarding for using UE.

I’m considering to upgrade my GPU, my choice would be 3060 12 gb or 3070ti 8 gb.
Which one would be optimal for UE editor? especially for film and animation in UE5

Does more vram with lower gen GPU will affect much rather than the newer one with lower vram?


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I’d would go with the 3070Ti due to the increased GPU power (especially since you are going for film, to avoid lower FPS with lighting) but I’d especially recommend at least 64GB of Ram, it’s no surprise it’s the recommended settings in the docs.

And of course, do not forget a SSD NVMe M.2 (probably the most important piece of hardware for UE), I recommend a Samsung 980 Pro Series for the speed and especially for its durability.

When I assembled my PC I did a bit of digging and found a 3080 Ti 12gb cheaper than a 3070 Ti. I would recommend you try the same.

Hi Alfred!
Thanks for the tip.

Yeah, I just wonder how much effect on UE if I upgrade more VRAM on GPU regardless of the newer one. Because I often get out of vram when I’m in UE editor.


Well i’m running an older 2080ti 12GBVram was fairly expensive compared to the standard 8GB but the extra 4 gb Vram makes a huge difference when dealing with shaders & fps, still comes down to the system you’re running 8gb is fine in most cases and cheaper on the pocket.

You might want a decent CPU with a good amount of memory for large scale projects, i also suggest having a large system drive because you’ll need it for caching between editors, something you don’t really make use of when gaming only.
I’m currently having to upgrade my OS drive to a larger drive so i can work with more in each project, something i didn’t anticipate when i built this rig 2 years ago.
If you plan on having multiple projects or using high resolution 4k + textures then you need a large OS drive because Unreal and other editors chew up space on C drive that you can’t avoid.

Hello, I want to buy a new video card and I know the rtx 3080 have more cuda core. The 3080 is older than 4070. 4070 have 12gb memory. So wich one is better for unreal engine 5 and Lumion. I will use it for game developing and some video rendering.