30+ years as a C/C++/C# Programmer

I am a 30+ year Computer Programmer, 63 years old. I have programmed in C/C++ and C#. I am not looking for a paid position but to share in the profits of a game. I am looking to join a team to help create a game of any type genre. I am new to the Unreal Engine but I am currently going through all the documentation and tutorials.

@BillG1955 TEAM IMU is developing an FPS, RPG hybrid with revolutionary gameplay. Our benefit is a signed Participation Agreement, a fair wage, a time-logger and more than a promise to be paid on profits, because at beta, we’ll have our virtual game gear market exchange functioning, and you’ll be able to cash yourself out at a premium. Why wait for the release of the game? Our game has an influencer marketing strategy so that gamers get gear prizes worth real money. We have already been approved for funding, and are hiring our second Executive Producer to diversify our funding base. This will turn into paid work soon. Email me at iplay@iplaymore.com IMU & iPlayMore Discord Server: discord.gg/uv3fpBy add VindaCator (me)

Hi Bill!

We’re looking at forming a new anti-cheat service business.

I sent you a Private Message with more details.

When you get a chance, hit us up!

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Hello Bill,

Are you still available / looking to work in a team?

Are you available?

@BillG1955 Would you be interested in joining an already established team? Are you interested in developing a single-player, open-world, medieval fantasy PC RPG with a dedicated volunteer, all-online Indie game development team?

If so, check out our team, Epoch Games, and our game The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order, at our website.

You may find several openpositions on our Team that will fit your skill set.

hi was wondering of you are still avalabule? thanks.

@BillG1955 I hope you’re doing well. My startup team could really use someone with your experience. below are some details about our game. We’re building a vertical slice to pitch for funding. Nothing crazy like an mmo, just a 3rd person narrative adventure/horror game.


You can email me at jcaddell@stu237.com

Have a great day!

Hello there Bill,

We are a small indie team that has been working on a new MMO title 'Rise of Titans" and are always looking to welcome some new team members to help us accomplish this big project. We have made incredible progress with completing the framework, map in development and putting together main features for the MMO. Depending on your interest there may be some great options for you to explore with us!

Please email me at [EMAIL=“jordan@archagestudios.com”]jordan@archagestudios.com for more information or you can message me through here as well. Either works!

Please see the PM I sent you.