30 Sewer HQ Textures

The pack is ideal for Photo-Realistic Architectural Visualization and even Video Games with high quality standard, the pack include:

  1. 30 Sewer 2K Textures ready for PBR (Color, Normal Map and Roughness).
  2. Two version of each Sewer texture: dirty and clean.
  3. These textures can be used as a Decal or in a plane (static mesh), a demo scene is included.
  4. PBR Material are included and Materials Instance that allow the user change some value and get different look.

NOTE: to work properly Decal use DBuffer Translucent (Color, Normal and Roughness).


Well, that’s a lot of ‘Sewer’ text :wink: gg

PS: you forgot this one…


…made me lol

lol :slight_smile: maybe in some update I will make it :smiley: