30 FPS animations Versus 60 FPS animations..discuss.

Been thinking of upping our player animations from 30 fps to 60 and although the benefits are obvious there are always negative aspects to consider.

I would be interested in hearing from others with experiences in this area good or bad.

60FPS fbx files are larger. That’s about it.

Most engines - and I think UE4 is included in this - just interpolate the keys if you’re doing hand animation so it doesn’t really matter what the source frame rate is. Of course mocap data is a different animal. While mocap data may look okay interpolated, there are some cases of “drifting” or “sliding” parts in mocap animations that are interpolated to higher frame rates. This, however is uncommon. At least in my experience.

As long as you have enough keys to get believable motion out of your animations, you can animate at pretty much any rate. Of course higher rates = more frames to key = more detail for a skilled animator.

I would imagine that complex physics/logic/AI would take longer to calculate. Capping the frame-rate could help to keep things more stable.