$30 credit for people who paid for UE4 is kinda slightly disappointing.

I mean, I now HAVE to spend it on UE4 stuff…I’d rather have ARK or have it in my bank account.

What can you do though, I guess ya guys wanted to give me a gift thinking it would be really nice and it just end up being a curse. I really would just rather have the credit removed from my account so I don’t have to look at it if I am forced to spend it in such a way.


I’m still confused as to why they made it free. It was already cheaper than pizza. It’s amazing that they even gave credit considering.

This was also a lot of time a go xD… it is nice to know I can buy 6 packs of 4.99 if I needed :P… but there are other packs that go why above that, so. >)