3 years alone in a shed

ok i dont know where to start, so ill just hit the keyboard and hope for the best . i cant spell so excuse the mistakes

hi im oz and apparently at the age of 31 (now 34) with in 2 week i was diagnosed with autism ptsd and a host of other abnormalitys (couldn’t have done that 20 years ago? wankers), attacked in public(for the umpteenth time in my life) in front of my wife and child(fist time for this part) and lost my job (shity sales job in an airport). understandably it was a ruff week\year.

it was 2 weeks later and i desided i needed to learn to program games. i know its a bit of a leep but ■■■■ it i used to code back in the day “it cant be that hard”, i was wrong!

so 3 years later and im sitting here with a lot of new skills, 2 projects in a good state to move forward and absolutly no contact with the community and no way of testing the god ■■■■ steam lobby interactions arrrrrrrrrrrrr.

i suck at personing (my dog sucks at doging? no thats diffrent : ) so how do i move forward? do the unimagianable? seek out people?
well this is it i guess so

hay comunity im oz

you can find me under on steam
everywhere else
or at the currently janky