3+ textures based on slope/angle

Hello everyone. I am a noob in Unreal, and I’m trying it for fun. I found this tutorial, but it’s only about 2 textures, not on 3+ the way I want. I also found a hint: you can use LandscapeLayerBlend (blend from now on), but this way, you have to paint it all by hand. My landscape is very slopy, and I need some solution to maybe combine the lerp (from the tutorial) and other textures over blend, but when I try it (add it in between lerp and NewMaterial [sorry, don’t know how it’s called] base), it doesn’t work - the material gets black. If I try to apply the alpha from the tutorial to 2 materials as alpha (heightmap) in blend - it doesn’t work either. Please remember, I’m not trying to become a professional, it’s just for fun (at least, for now). This example should be self-explanatory, but if you have questions, feel free to ask.

So, what I want is to have 5 materials: snowy mountain tops (starting at some certain height), rock on steeps, grass on ground (all auto-painted, but still, with the ability to paint), dirt (painted, probably), and sand (painted too, I guess). Is it doable? Is it possible? If yes, how?


Is there any way to do it by hand, without any plugins?

P.S. I found what I was looking for, now just need to play with the settings.