3 playercontroller instances on 2 clients (listenserver +1)

Given one myPlayerController -> EventGraph -> ImputAction PressKey (Num1) -> print String: test

Press Play in the Editor and as expected prints “test”

Changing Number of Clients to 2 -> press Play: only the Editor instance will ever get the key press, never the client instance.

In the Scene Outliner are 2 myPlayerController instances (myPlayerController_C and myPlayerController_C1)

When I debug myPlayerController I’m able to see 3(!) myPlayerController instances under Debug Filter (…_C, …_C1, …_C2)

The instances …_C (server) and _…C2 (?!) are receiving both the PressKey event, …_C1 (client) never.

Is this a bug or feature?

this is intended, I wish there is a simpler way to explain this, but on server there are also a playercontroller that links to the playercontroller on client side. Think of it as sort of your internet modem in UE4 engine, both server(doesn’t matter listen or dedicated) and client will have player controller that are “linked”.

That explains a lot!

Cheers mate!