Greetings game makers !

Our team is called Maboyz, we are a small team of developers that originally come from Ubisoft. We have quite a few years of experience working in the Video Game Industry and we are very proud to have launched our very first independent game: Heart@Hack.


After learning the ropes and gaining some solid experience on franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and The Division, we aimed to work on a smaller yet more personal and intimate project in order to explore fresh and interesting new narrative territory.

We truly wanted to address a topic that everyone had experienced at least once in their lives: A breakup .

The concept comes from a genuine interest in questioning and attempting to understand this obsessive, odd and almost intimate relationship we have with our smartphones in our every day lives.

In order to fully explore this theme, we decided to create an alternative universe set in France where the Minitel and French technology have triumphed. In this universe, the Minitel has had a worldwide impact, everyone has access to a “Pocket Minitel” where communication is exclusively textual.


Heart@Hack is a narrative-puzzle-game for iOS and Android. Here is the pitch :

« Darius’ relationship stagnates in sweet torpor. Even though his feelings for Kimiko are still there, the fire of love is slowly replaced by a thick layer of permafrost. To escape boredom, Darius is regularly flirting with strangers on social networks. He has become really close to one of these girls : Alaska9. When Darius receives a suspicious e-mail about an application allowing him to hack his girlfriend’s Pocket Minitel, he downloads it to fill his life with action. But what he finds in Kimiko’s files is puzzling him. Has she met someone else? Little by little, what was just a game is turning into a burning obsession. »


We have just launched our Kickstarter! You should definitely check it out, you will find plenty of videos, visuals and additional content! If you have any questions or wish to conduct some interviews, feel free to contact us! If you cannot wait and wish to test a version of the game (still in development), we will sort something out for you! :wink:

Finally, you can find us on Twitter, Facebookand our official web page.

Thank you and see you soon!!


We have funded Heart @Hack! Thanks to all of you out there who supported the game during the last couple of weeks. Special shoutouts to all the people that have funded Heart @Hack, you’re the best! It means a lot to us!

Now we have all the ressources needed to make a great game so let’s work hard on it!

Don’t hesitate to spread some love for the game around you all, we still have 15 days to go! :slight_smile:

Also, in this video, Neil and Alex are talking about Level Design and show some of our ideas on which we iterate (a lot!). It’s in french, english subtitles are available in the video.

Hello there !

Here it is, Heart At Hack is released on Android, and soon on IOS. It’s totaly free, meaning no in-app purchase, nor ads.

We hope you’ll enjoy Darius intimate adventure :-). Please don’t hesitate to share your feelings about it.

And have a happy new year :slight_smile: