3 days VR project

I decided to make a Vive VR-project with a little more effort than the usual playing around, and gave myself 3 days of development time.

I decided to make some FPS-alike, but not like the usual Wave Shooters, but more in a traditional FPS way, with worlds to explore. Therefore i wanted something different than the usual point and teleport system, since i believe it ruins the experiece of being there. (Especially when i play and test in a 2 x 1.8 m area)
So i tried a Standing Run system, where if i press the thumbpad, and run where i stand, i move forward in game as long i am at the NavMesh.
It can always be polished, but it feels entirely different, and gives a whole new set of possibilities, instead of finding smart ways to make teleporting feel like real time movement from a to b.

I also made a backpack inventory system, where you take your backpack, and can drag/drop item to or from it. Makes the inventory system feel a bit more real, and also makes the player think about what to store in the backpack.

Lastly, also a tool-belt system. In this case, clip and gunholsters can be placed, and will keep the location offset to the camera at all times. So if you place your holster at your real-life buckle, the holster will always be at that location (Unless you crouch irl) Their location does not carry from level to level, yet.

And then there are all the other, almost standard, features.
The materials used are primarily just from the starter content, but the meshes are made in Blender.

For now, there is only a gun range to visit, which makes a lot of the items have a visual purpose only. But with the locomotion system, nest step is to create a level with enemies and such.

The recording is the best graphic that the editor would allow me, but is in higher resolution vith the goggles on.

Let me hear what you think :slight_smile: