2nd Spline BP in level wont show actors

Intro: I have a blueprint called “BP_PerSquareMovement” inside this BP have 3 spline components (image below).


And this BP add some Paper Sprite Components on this 3 splines, everything works fine when I have 1 BP on the level/map.

The problem: When I have 1 “BP_PerSquareMovement” in the level everything works fine, but when I add another “BP_PerSquareMovement” the second “BP_PerSquareMovement” now “BP_PerSquareMovement2
The paper sprites on all the 3 inside the second BP spline don’t show up, but they are kinda linked with the “BP_PerSquareMovement” (the first BP) . On the image below you can see the highlight of the problem.

Anyone knows a solution for that? or know why this is happen?


After staring the scene for some minutes, I noticed that the sprites from the second BP was on the top of the sprites from the first BP, so if anyone in the future run into similar problem, the solution was just to change the coordinate space from “local” to “world” on those 2 nodes on the image below