2nd MUSIC VIDEO made with UE4 - Left Engelmann AND Chris Hülsbeck - Timewarp '89 (official videoclip)


Yes, THE Chris Hülsbeck, who composed the music for the hottest computer games of the 80s and 90s. The games that are still classics among connoisseurs today.

To the Video Clip

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Greetings Left_Engelmann! Welcome to the Unreal Engine Community! We’re so stoked that you are one of us!

This video created with UE4 is Certified Dovah-Licious! :dragon_face:

Not only did you have THEE Chris Hülsbeck, you have also created a heart-stirring nostalgic tribute to 80s gaming! Wicked poster! I must ask, would you like to include the actual hyperlink to the video? Some of us might get the ‘o’ and ‘0’ confused. You rock, Left_Engelmann! :guitar:

Thank you very much very much. I’d set the link below. You’re free to share and subscribe and of course watch the sequel of it. It’s called “Don’t give up!”.

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You’re most welcome! Thank you so much for including the link to the video, and thank you as well for the invitation! I am eagerly anticipating watching the sequel, and I have added it to my agenda for the day! I hope you’re having a swell weekend thus far, and “don’t give up”! Ever! :wink:

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Thank you.
I won’t.

There are much songs I wrote that need videos.


Hi folks, here’s a live version of “Timewarp ´89…” I made.
Maybe you’ll like it too.
I know it’s a little off topic but I also know that you guys like music.

best regrads

The Left


Hey @Left_Engelmann,

Good evening. Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

What a terrific video and song. I’ll admit this is the first time I’ve actually sat and listened to a song like this (synth?) and I’m impressed. It sounds so energetic. You’ve done a wonderful job at recording this and sharing your skills.
I hope you continue sharing and bringing the 80’s back. As the kids say “It was gnarly man.” :sunglasses:

Sending lots of support and well wishes, Cheers! :heartpulse:

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Thank you very much!:heart:
Of course you are welcome to share :hugs: