2dscenecapture not updating render target

how did you setup 2dscenecapture/render target?

I used 3rd person template. I had a working 2dscenecapture working fine with that. But I wasn’t planning on using that camera system so deleted it. The camera system I use now is this;

It is an old camera system like Resident evil and jrps. Fixed camera that tacks the player as they move. The blueprint had a trigger box and I used the exposed Camera Actor to put a camera in the world, set it up where I want it then set the camera to that trigger’s Camera Actor. That whole part of the system works completely flawlessly. But for some reason I cannot successfully push it to a 2dscenecapture/render target. I’ve tried setting up the logic in Player Controller, Player Character, as well as my Camera BP where the logic you see above is.

Inside the BP I added a 2dscenecapture component. Disabled capture everyfame/on movement. Set it up to trigger off key press F(to test). I set the render target to a 1920x1080 render target in content folder. Having F cause a scene capture on 2dscenecapture component.

For more clarity. I’ve tried a lot of things, like adding a camera with the scene capture attached to it. Tried that on all 3 bps as well. I’ve tried a lot of things so at this point I think it is how I’m doing my camera changes that is making it impossible.

hmm, Where is that “F” event is located? Is it fired? Try placing it in the level BP

Doesn’t matter where I put F, I also had it fire off tick, still doesn’t work.

I’ve made progress, but for some reason it isn’t using the active camera set up by that BP. It only ever uses the first camera.

Do you have solutions for how to do that? I’ve been grinding away trying to have 1 2d scene capture that is moved to each camera, but it didn’t have a successful result. I can’t find a way to easily move a capture component to where I want it in BPs.

Are you trying to change the Scene capture by using Set View Target??!!

SetViewTarget doesnt affect the scene capture it only affects the player camera. To update the scene capture, you would need to place multiple captures and activate/ deactivate them as necessary or move the active capture to the active camera location

Set it up to trigger off key press F
How do you “trigger”? Is it a call to the “Capture scene” function (just to be sure)?

  • If you enable “capture every frame”, does it work?

  • Are you using a “SceneCaptureComponent2D” (sorry just to be sure you don’t use the Cube one)?

  • Are you sure the render target format is ok? Try “RTF RGBA 16f”

  • And about your Capture source? Try “Final Color (HDR) in linear sRGB gamut”

I have a game that have a similar camera behaviour, the way i did is i have only one player camera, but i have lot’s of fake camera placed in the world, then my cam go to the current active area that is linked to a fake camera and take his FOV too. This way i just have one actor with scene capture component (for savegame’s thumbnail). It work perfectly, so maybe the problem is a bug where more than one scene capture component target the same render target ( just an idea, i don’t realy think this would be a problem but if you’re stuck you can try with only one to test).

That may actually be better than what I am doing. Where do you have your player camera? Is it a component of your player? If so how do you set its transform?

when you set your ViewTarget, Get the transform values of that actor and set the transform value of the SceneCapture Actor, If you are using components, Get World transform of camera component and set the world transform of the capture component

So I’ve set up 2 “Scene Capture 2d” in the world(Entering/Exiting), and created an editable variable. Set each instance of the ref to the entering scene capture actor. So far this has “worked”. It seems to capture the correct view, only I can’t figure out how to properly align the rotations so the scene capture is also tracking the player.

No it’s an actor.

Okay, with your guys help and some brain storming I’ve got it working. No idea if it is an elegant solution or not. I also don’t know what kind of problems it could cause in the future but here is my solution. If you see any obvious flaws please let me know!

Here is my “CameraBP” Trigger. It is a Trigger box with 4 exposed variables; Camera Actor, LeavingCamera,
HaveLeavingCamera?(bool), SceneCapRef(2dsceneactor).The SceneCapRef is set to the same 2d scene capture I spawned in the world for every instance of this actor. The cameras are set as I desired.

Then I made the 2d scene capture a BP. Having this inside the BP.I create a reference in my level BP as well.


Then Finally I call the event from my player controller.

if you have a custom camera BP, i would have just added a capture component to the camera BP as a child component and toggled camera and capture component as required