I Want to make a 2D game, but i don’t know where to start and i have some things in mid
I Want to make animations with either Flash or in the Engine itself, triggering them like Idle, Walk, Run,… and have maximum portability
like Website Export, IOS/Android export or simply PC export, i want it to be able to edit source code and in C++
Unreal Engine seems perfect, but can it

  • Load/Use animations from SWF or easily making Animations 2D
  • Able to export anywhere
  • is it Fast in 2D ?
  1. I dont know if you can use the ones from SWF, but depending on how the game should look like, you can easily create animations in photoshop, gimp,… but you cant create them in the engine
  2. you can export it to several platforms → iOS, Windows, HTML, Android…
  3. do you mean the development in the engine or the game itself? -> in my case everything runs pretty fast :slight_smile: