2D World map with drill down functionality

Hi, As the Question suggests I want to make a 2D map with drill down functionality but don’t really no how to implement something like this.
Let me try and explain my requirements imagine a country with each state/area is clickable that then zooms in to reveal a detailed state/area map of that region also the map must display the player current real-world position.

Any help / advice would be much appropriated.


It is possible, but it is a bigger task to do.

I can give you a short overview of what you have to do:

  1. Create a Widget and Add an image. Call that image “Map” (for example)
  2. Create a new HUD and open it: With Begin Play add the Widget to the Viewport
  3. Create your own Game Mode, open it and select the new HUD for the current HUD class
  4. Create a Material and call it M_Map (for example)
  5. Go back to your image in the widget and choose the M_Map as Image

Now things becomes more difficult:

Open the material and create parameters like “CurrentPosition”, “ZoomLevel”, “CurrentMapImage” and so on.
Depending on these parameters you can update the material. You do not need to do an extra call per tick to update the material. That is already working well.

Within the material you can shift images, that comes in as inputs,
with texture cropping or panning with a certain time.

Now you have to do it on your own. Learning Materials and and so:D

PS: I am still working on a big minimap creator, but that will takes time til november or december. So if you can wait…:smiley:



Hi, Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: This gives me an insight to what to do which sort of confirmed with what I was thinking of just swapping images but im still unsure how i would implement the parent map with the different sections that are clickable (that wont be square shaped) and maybe highlight when hovered these sections will all the interlocked and appear to be one large map with no spaces.