2D UI Artist

Project Title:
Project Resurrection

Team Name:
Strange Matter Studios

Talent Required:

  • Create great looking UI and icons
  • Utilize keen imagination and visualization skills
  • Demonstrate a great understanding of the latest industry-leading creative software such as: Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Pro, Sketch etc…
  • Create 2d designs for menu systems and in-game layouts.
  • Willingness to actively pursue improvement in your skills to better serve your role as part of the team.

Pluses :

  • Experience with Blueprints (UE4).
  • Experience working on game user interfaces (Especially making icons)
  • Able to 2D animations for UI purposes.

Discord : Usi(Tarek)#6050

Hey hey, definitely all sounds right up our alley. did you have a visual style in mind already such as toony vs minimalist or sci-fi vs more textural? Either way, will contact you now and we can chat more but some of these details might help future applicants.