2D Tower Defense Side Scroller

Does anyone know how to start making a game like this? I look to “Cartoon Wars 1-3” and “Battle Cats” for reference, but anything will help.

The base idea that I’m looking for is a tower on the left and a tower on the right, and when you generate money passively you can use that to spawn units from your tower and they will march forward towards the enemy tower. The enemy will be doing the same but automatically, and when the enemy and player units come in contact they will use an attack.

Once units make it to a tower they will attack it until it has no more health, when that happens you will either win or lose the game depending on which tower was destroyed.

The home page will allow for level select and an upgrade page for units. You will obtain new units by means of a “Gacha Summon” which will randomly selects a unit from a list of different rarity’s. If anyone knows even some of how to start this I would be forever grateful

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I would recommend looking at some Youtube tutorials. just search for "tower defence UE4 tutorials. That’ll get you on track :slight_smile: good luck.


Thanks for the heads up although it plays differently than a regular tower defense which seems to be surprisingly hard to find, thank you commenting I think I’m getting closer :+1: