2D Top down rotation interpolation

I’m working on a top down 2d shooter prototype.

The character should aim at the cursor. I eventually got it to work like this:

I now tried to interpolate in order to get a smoother rotation and also implement some sort of “turn speed” so you can’t flick 180° instantly.

I tried RInterpTo and use the current rotation, but it keeps doing weird rotations…
I then tried to just use the Pitch of the current rotation, didn’t work either…

I also tried to save the currentAngle in a variable so I could use it for interpolation in the next tick. That did work to some point, but when I rotate over ±180°, the character turns all the way around instead…

The thing is, I don’t want to use hit result, I’d like to stick to the mouse’s X and Y coordinates. I tried doing that with a vector instead of angles, which I thought would be easier, but I didn’t get it to work. I really want it to rotate solely on the Y axis (cuz duh, it’s top down 2D…)

Any advice?

Big thanks in advance :wink: