2D Tilemaps - Most productive way in UE4

This for all intents and purposes is a tilemap, a image set comprised with various image of the same size IE(16x16, 32x32, 8x8).

What I’m trying to figure out without creating a top/down 3D that looks like a tiled game (would save time, but I’m not so great at modeling)… I looked around before creating a topic and I couldn’t find a relative answer, yes I can just manually draw them but levels can be complex, they have layers upon layers of tiles and mapping them out with 1s and 0s would take a lot of time that probably u4 already supports in some fashion or another.

What would be the easiest way of taking a tileset and working with tiles in Unreal Engine 4?

WIP, check

Tile maps support its already in TODO:Tools list.