2d TileMap collision with actor


I have been having trouble getting a sprite (player pawn) to collide with the collision I have set on my tilemap. I have created the box collision per tile in the tileset used for the tilemap. I have made sure the TileMap Actor that is placed into my level has collision set to BlockAll. There is a box collider on my sprite that has collision set to BlockAll as well. When I move however they never block each other. I have verified that they are on the same depth and do in fact overlap each other. If I set the collision of my sprite to be OverlapAll instead of BlockAll and put off a print from Overlap I do get the name of the TileMap to appear when they do collide. However when I switch it back to BlockAll it is as if they do not collide at all. I have tried searching through the forums and google and haven’t had any luck.

Would appreciate any ideas,