2D Sprites?

It seems pretty obvious that for a first creation 2D would only make more sense, would be more simple correct?

My only question is this, How do people make sprites? Like what do you use and stuff?

Well the quick and dirty way is to use the good old MS Paint :smiley:

I’m not an artist but I prefer Photoshop, it has dozen of unnessecary stuff for sprite creation but I’m used to it^^
One of my friends is using Pixen but it is Mac OS X only :confused:

Quick Google search brings up this list: ://forums.rpgmakerweb/index.php?/topic/5027-software-for-making-pixel-art/

Regarding the creation of sprites, I usually start with some draft on paper, switch to PS to make the outlines, then base coloring + basic shadowing followed by finer details and finally better shadowing.
Exactly like this:

But like I said I’m not a professional artist so there might be better ways to do it^^

Thanks that was useful!

Any recommendations for steps 7 through 9? Shadowing looks hard

I try to imagine my sprite in 3D and begin with small shadows. It always depends on your sprite complexity. The sprites in the image are actually very detailed^^

I personally just think about what I want to create + then I open photoshop and draw it :slight_smile:

Actually it depends on your personal preference -> in my case some basic 3d stuff is pretty easy to creae (it just takes more time)

Wow dude you got skills of legitimacy haha. OK cool so how would you even go about animating said things haha.

Just for clarification, thats NOT my work xD

Ahahahaa oh ok bro, well still thanks. XD

I can recommend this realy good sprite editor, multiplatform and opensource :


ps: If you don’t want to buy the binairie (and support this great developer) you can look for the github and build it yourself !

Thanks! I might just get that, I was going to get Spriter but I understand it doesn’t play well with UE4

I didn’t know Spriter, look nice to animate stuff but maybe not to create sprite itself. with Aseprite its more about full creation of sprite (animation include but without easy method like in Spriter) For aseprite you can try the trial version also :wink: