2D Sprite Questions

Hi Guys! Love the forum, it’s been very helpful. I have a few 2D questions with more to come (im sure lol). This is for little Paper2D game I’m making for fun. The help is appreciated!

  1. How do I remove collision from sprites I’ve removed?

  2. How wide does the collision need to be on sprites? How can I change the 3D collision on a 2D sprite?

  3. When the player sprite jumps up and collides with another sprite with collsion, the player sprite gets of it’s Y-axis and falls off the screen. How can I fix the Y-axis for the player/hero so he doesn’t “bounce” off screen?

The Answer is Sprite Collision Domain found it the Tile Map Details under the Collision Section.

This resolved all three of my questions.

Outside of the Paper2D documentation found on docs.unrealengine.com, what are the best learning resources for Paper2D?