2D Sprite not detecting Collisions

I am trying to create an Arkanoid clone to familiarise myself with the engine and C++. I currently have a paddle that can move right and left. I am using a variable called Current Velocity to move the Paddle along the axis

CurrentVelocity.X = FMath::Clamp(AxisValue, -1.0f, 1.0f) * 300.0f;

The problem is, when the Paddle comes to the borders, it doesn’t detect that they’re there. it just passes straight through them. This can be solved by enabling the ‘Simulate Physics’ checkbox, if I enable it at runtime, the Paddle can move and it will detect the borders but when I make the changes in the Paddle blueprint and play, the Paddle doesn’t move anymore.

Here is the blueprint of my Paddle

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my Paddle detecting collisions?

Thanks in advance.

In case anyone was wondering, I decided to simulate physics on the Paddle and use the AddImpulse() function to move it instead:

float MovementDirection = PaddleInput.MovementInput.X;
FVector Pos = GetActorLocation();
Pos.X += MovementDirection * PaddleSpeed;
PaddleSprite->AddImpulse(Pos * PaddleSprite->GetMass());

The paddle now collides with the borders as well as the ball