2D Smash Kit for Unreal Engine 4

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I’ve created/I am always improving a 2D smash kit for Unreal engine 4. I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now and just decided to start sharing it with the world! I’ve submitted to Unreal Market for review. You could probably use it for 3D projects as well, you would have to delete my current function Frame Event’s as it’s used in place of Paper2D’s lack of AnimNotifies and just use the standard 3D toolset for AnimNotifies. I’ll have to look into including a 3D example.

Current Features:

  • Character with Knockback calculations
  • Display Player number or name above head
  • Different colour materials for alternate appearances
  • Directional input based normal attacks
  • Directional input based special attacks
  • Directional input based chargeable heavy attacks
  • Shields, Shield breaks
  • RollDodge
  • Airdodge
  • Frame Events to handle different abilities based on paper2d Flipbook animations
  • Wall slide mechanic
  • FreezeFrames (ImpactStall)
  • HitStun (time you can’t act besides Directional Influence after being hit)
  • Basic 2D projectile
  • Shared Camera System
  • Hitbox actor for combat
  • Tracks which frame of animation it is active and not active
  • Can collide with other hitboxes
  • Basic Map with platforms you can fall through
  • Blast zones on all sides and corners of map
  • In-game UI featuring Percent based damage on characters
  • 1-4 Local Players in a match

Currently Planned Features:

  • Character Select Screen
  • A.I Controlled Bots
  • Results Screen with Kills, Deaths and SelfDestructs
  • Basic game loop
  • Team battles