2D SideScroller - How do I shoot at mouse cursor?

I have a system in place in which when the player clicks the Left Mouse Button, an actor called “Laser Ball” will spawn and shoot. Currently, it shoots from an Arrow, thus it always shoots in the same direction and all that. I want to make it so it will shoot the Laser Ball toward the mouse location where you click.
I tried looking up some tutorials but cannot seem to find anything that helps me, specifically for 2D SideScroller. I attached the blueprint I have thusfar with the Arrow.

Thank you for any input / suggestions!

Hi @zayninn !

Let me see if I understood your question correctly, there’s an Arrow in the world that currently spawns Laser Balls, do you want to shoot Laser Balls from that Arrow towards the mouse position? Initially, I thought you were referring to the mouse cursor as the Arrow.

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Yes, shoot Laser Balls from that Arrow towards the mouse position. With a combination of scrolling through random forum/reddit/youtube posts and some bs’ing I managed to figure out a solution! I’ll attach the blueprint if you or anyone else in the future can find it helpful.
Thank you for reaching out

This is attached to my Event Tick, and pretty much points the arrow toward wherever my mouse clicks, and then the Laser Ball is shot as usual in the previous image.

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