2D Sidescroller - Enemy's triggerboxes wont kill player

Hey guys, i’m new here so please forgive me if the manner in which I post is not how you guys normally post questions.
I’m an amateur with blueprints as I only just started my game design course at University in September.

My main assignment is to make a 2d Sidescroller and I have had numerous issues with it. (I seem to find making 3D Games easier than 2D ones for some reason)
Anyway, I’ve got the fundamentals working, updated the background sprites, player sprites and floor sprites etc and thanks to this youtube tutorial I’ve been able to create an animated 2D enemy :

Above is the blueprint I have made which animates the enemy sprite to move between the other two sprites either side of it.
The problem I am having however is setting up a triggerbox for this enemy so that when the player overlaps the trigger box the player dies. But simply put, for one reason for another, it never quite works. I’ve not had many issues with trigger boxes before, even with this project, I have a static sprite for example which is a spike trap, that kills the player without a problem. I’ve found little to no documentation anywhere on the internet to show me how to make a 2d enemy which actually kills the player. I’ve tried various methods to get this triggerbox working, such as making it its own blueprint which goes begin component overlap > open level.
I’ve even gone the route of adding a trigger box into the enemy’s hierarchy and then referencing it in the level blueprint such as beginoverlap(triggercapsule) > open level

Ultimately what happens is what appears as very glitchy behaviour, the player may overlap the enemy and it might take an additional two seconds for the player to die, then on other occasions theres almost what i’d describe as a ghost triggerbox taking effect to the side of the enemy sprite, killing the player before they even come into contact with the enemy.

Sorry if that’s confusing, basically all I need to know is, how do I add a trigger box to a 2d sprite in the correct manner so that when the player overlaps with it, they die.

I seem to have got the enemy working in the sense that it now kills the player without a problem, but a new problem arrises now. When I duplicate the assets for the enemy to create another enemy it makes the game unplayable as the player cannot move.

It sounds like you’ve made the trigger that kills the player by placing it inside the level and trying to bind it to an enemy somehow.

I’d recommend that you don’t do that because then each time you duplicate the enemy, you’ll have to make a trigger box for it and connect them etc. I would add a collision component to the enemy blueprint (e.g. a cube/box collision) and add the kill blueprint script to the enemy. On overlap with this collision component, check that it was a player that hit the collider (using a cast) and if it was then hurt/kill the player.

You may want to uncheck Hidden in game check box on your collision to see where it is during game play to help you understand what happens. Also, from your imagine, I think you would find it much easier to use the Move Component to node to move your enemy around instead of a Timeline. Just plug the root component inside the move to.