2d sidescroller character creation

Hello all.
Complete noob here, as you will quickly surmise from my question. I have been playing around with Makehuman and I like how intuitive it is for a beginner such as myself. My question is: Is it reasonable to use a 3d modeling software like Makehuman to create a character for use in a 2d sidescroller? My plan was to create mesh in Makehuman, export to Blender, save a variety of poses to export to Unreal to use to make my flipbook. However, the file sizes seem large when I import them to Unreal and I worry this will make things cumbersome when I add a lot of them in for flipbook creation. Am I completely off base with my approach to character creation or is there a simply solution for smaller file sizes of which I am unaware? Thanks in advance.

Normally you create your sprites in programs like photoshop, but your way should also work fine. :slight_smile:
Just animate it in blender + take pictures of it so that you can import them as a flipbook → make sure that you dont use high res pictures + you can also downgrade the quality in photoshop (e.g make it smaller, reduce the pixels,…)