2d side scroller shoot where player is facing help!

I know you need to use projectiles for it but i want the projectile to be fired from the direction the character is facing, if anybody could help or point me towards a tutorial i would be very grateful.

Thanks in advance.

set a bool in your player bp that saves where he is facing. for example if your scale is -1 on X save the bool"is facing left " to true and vice versa.
now on your projectile bp on event begin play get your player character and from there get the above bool if it is true or false and depending on the outcome just give the appropriate velocity to your projectile . :slight_smile:

Roccinos suggestion absolutely works.

Just to give you a bit more options a different way would be using the rotation of your character to shoot where it is currently facing.

Simply search for “get actor rotation” and after breaking the rot taking the Yaw output to compare it to the fitting value (depending how you set up your level it’s either 180° or 90° and 270°.

This outputs a boolean with which you could select a vector which then works as direction of one unit which you can then feed your projectile as direction.