2D Side Scroller Punching - Help

Hey guys, I’m working on a 2D side scroller at the moment. I’m new to Unreal Engine so I’m using the basic 2D sidescroller blueprint.

I’ve made my character punch using an animation montage but after releasing the punching key the character glides along the ground rather than return to the other animations of idle, running and jumping.
What do?

Not sure on this. Is there a var you are setting while punching that you are not changing back once completed?

In all honesty I really am unsure. Like I said I’m completely new to UE. I’ve changed my code so now it will play and stop the animation but I’m unsure how to return to the original animation. Ie when I can run about fine but when I punch my character just glides about. I know this is all very shaky answers and questions but I’m just not 100% sure how to phrase it. I’ve been sitting with my friend on Skype and neither of us are too sure how to sort it. Any help you can offer would be appreciated.