2D Side Scroller- Problem with game start

Hello everyone!

I am using UE 4.12.5

I’m having a bit of a problem with a main menu that I created in my 2D game for my exam. After I start a new game a loading screen shoul show and then a “prolog” should start to play. The prolog is animated text that just scrool itself through the screen and then after that it should load first level. But everything i get after the starting a new game is just the character falling down throught black screen.

This is the start menu and then after clicking at Star Game this happens -

Here are the Blueprints:
Main Menu Level:

Main Menu HUD:

Animated text:

I will be grateful to everybody who can help me with my problem.

I am sorry for my English and for the lack of experience but I am learning only from UE documentation.