2D Side Scroller aim weapon at mouse cursor


I am trying to get my character’s gun to aim towards the position of my mouse. Here is the blueprint I am using;

This works to an extent as the mouse is tracked on one side of the screen, but not on the other.

(Red circle is mouse location)

Thanks in advance for any help!

I got it working by using Set World Rotation instead of Relative Rotation. I had to plug the Yaw because Find Look at Rotation was using the Yaw to point to the correct location (basically it turns the Vector 180 in the Yaw after the pitch is higher than 90 degrees to avoid a pitch higher than 90). I also changed the Target plug of the Find Look at Rotation to use the Y direction of the component you want to rotate instead of using the Y of the Mouse position. That’s because the Y of the Mouse position was far behind in 3d space and that was causing problems.

Works great! Thanks for the help!