[2D] Shot-Sprite clips some Pixels through Wall-Sprite

Hey Guys, I’ve got a Problem with a “Bullet” my Player is schooting. The Bullet should stop flying and play a destruction Flipbook when it hits a wall or somthing. But it looks like this:


The Red Line should be the Area where the Animation starts and the bullet stops.
The Black Line in the blue Circle is the area where it finaly happens.

Here is the Blueprint, that should stop the bullet:

Sometimes its working sometimes its not:

I am sry 4 my english!

Depending how fast the bullet is flying the overlap might not actually fire immediately. There is a way to increase the accuracy but it burdens the system quite a lot.

Try removing the delays, if the problem persist then what I described is likely your problem. Also, why do you have a delay at the end? That doesn’t do anything.

If the problem is with overlap you can try using a line trace instead, tracing as the bullet moves for the wall. Traces aren’t expensive at all and they’re accurate, but do require a little extra work.

The delay at the end is just there, because i am going to destroy the actor after hitting the wall. THX for your help!