2D Runner, programming question

I’m planning to familiarize myself with Unreal by making a 2D endless runner (where the speed is always constant). However, every single playthrough has to be consistent, the player has to be at position x, at y time, Every single time you play the game, disregarding lag or computer efficiency. I already made this idea when learning Unity, and I learned alot, so I figure a quick way to learn some Unreal code structure and re-familiarize me with C++ is to just re-make it.

However the question is: Would it be better to have the character move, and the map to remain stationary, or for the map to move backwards and create the illusion of speed? (Note I’m not planning for the map to be small at all) Which would give me more consistent results and how? I also really want to test parallax and alot of ‘trigger’ animations, where stuff happens when the player is at x distance away (usually like half a screen away)
The way I did it in unity was PlayerPosition = timeSinceLevelLoad * Speed, and it seemed to work fine, as long as you knew time, you knew where the player was gonna be. I already have a clue on how to do this in Unreal using it’s similar variable, I’m just wondering if there are any opinions on a better method.

Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

if this is a endless project i think the best way to start is take a look at Tappy Chicken project in Marketplace (It’s Free).

Check out my 2D runner template it may help you