2D Real AI

So I have been looking for a way to make actual AI within a 2D game. I don’t want monsters that just sit in place, or move back and forth. I have watched a few Tuts that basically say just that, 2D games dont have AI so we just need location points. To me this is a lackluster perspective and limits the Player. I am looking for something simple I guess overall, if the player comes within the Sight Radius of the Enemy, it chases him. I mean I can script in different actions from there, either projectile or melee, but there should be a way to make them Follow the player and damage on overlap if nothing else.

I have looked everywhere for any documentation on this. I have done everything I can think of to create a Nav Mesh, however in 2D there is nothing for it to Render to. The only thing I can think to do is give the textures Depth in Y, that’s my next Idea but I haven’t done it yet, I’m not even sure if in Paper2D you can do this. The On Sight portion of the 2D is unfortunately only available in the Y Direction which seems to cause an issue of only being shrinkable into the Right side of the screen away from player start on the Left. Rotation in any plane only affects the Sprite itself and while creating a mirror fixes the direction issue in one way it doesn’t in the other. I am going to try to use the “On Hear” command to see if that will work better, however this still does not affect the Navmesh component.

Is there any documentation, or can anyone point me in the right direction of what to do to fix this issue.

you can technically set up the 3d ais into 2d you just need to set up the navmesh and level correctly cause ue4 even if it can do 2d it’s all in a 3d world