2D puzzle game for mobile devices

Hello there!

There is an idea of a game for mobile devices, something like to assemble a 2D puzzle. Would it be right to use sprites for this? Advise to use sprites for blocks from which the puzzle will be assembled? Use sprites collisions to determine if a piece will fall into position or not? Or will using 200+ sprites with collisions be difficult to process on mobile devices?

Should i use PaperTileMap for background or from assembled 2D planes? Can I change PaperTileMap dynamically? I already have my own level coding system, in which the background was made up of 2D planes arranged in an encoded pattern.

I would not like to start with a deliberately dead end option. Tell me what you would do in this situation?

Thank you in advance.

@Aruak You could, but a better path would be to start with the correct project type: 2D :slight_smile: