2D Platformer Kit

The pack is AVAILABLE on the Marketplace!
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**Tutorial videos are here : Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Need some graphics to get you up and started? Check out my fully compatible pixel platformer tileset here :…dventure-tiles**

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The 2D platforming toolkit is the one and only toolkit to help you get started on creating your very own action platformer. It includes a fully customizable player character complete with 19 unique animation states, easily editable parameters for every action and easy to understand and heavily commented blueprints

It has a wide variety of features + more features to be added post launch as well. A brief list of features below :

  • Melee Attack

  • Ranged Attack

  • Timed Block

  • Floating Text for pick-ups

  • **Multi Jump **(double jump default)

  • Wall Jump

  • Wall Slide (Super Meatboy style)

  • Sprint

  • Ladders

  • Health System

  • Basic moving/static enemies

  • Collectibles(health & gold)

  • Enemy loot drops

  • Damage system - Including color tinting ,temporary invulnerability and knockback effects on damage

  • Dash

  • Stomp

  • Floating Combat Text

  • **Touchscreen Support for Mobile **

  • Experience system

  • Audio FX

  • Time Based Power-ups

  • Multiple weapons

  • Weapon select Interface

  • Floating Combat Text - DONE!

  • Dash - DONE!

  • Touchscreen Support for Mobile - DONE!

  • Audio FX- DONE!

  • Experience system- DONE!

  • Multiple weapons- DONE!

  • Weapon select Interface- DONE!

  • Temporary power-ups- DONE!

  • Checkpoint system - DONE!

  • Moving Platforms - DONE!

Every feature listed above also has it’s own separate animation state complete with a customizable flipbook animation.

A screenshot of the player character blueprint to give you an idea on the system parameters. Every blueprint is heavily commented and all the important variables have detailed tooltips.

A video of the demo level included in the pack. NOTE : All the assets from the video are included in the final pack and are all public domain assets that are suitable for commercial use. A list of credits is included in the pack for each asset as well.

Price : 29.99$.

Let me know your thoughts on the features, suggestions for improvements and thoughts on the pricing.


Seems like a great pack for 30$. Great functionality out of the box and an awesome list of updates! Can’t wait!

Thanks man. It’s currently in the submission process so let’s hope there are no problems with it and will be released soon.

Awesome, looks like a lot of useful features. Definitely can’t wait to check it out !

I wanted to pop in and say that the team really enjoyed checking this out in our latest content review. Great video, awesome functionality, and a good example of a well thought-out, feature-rich product. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of work into this. If you haven’t heard from us yet, you will very soon. :slight_smile:

Just beautiful. Great job.

Oh this looks extremely cool!

Edit; I immediately dashed to check the marketplace if this was available :smiley:

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I’ve been working on this after work and on weekends for about 2 months now so it’s good to finally finish it. I actually got your email and i’m currently in the process of rearranging the folders and cleaning the structure up a bit in order to comply with your requests so hopefully i will be able to send you the product for review in the next few days!

To the others thanks for the support and I hope I can get a release soon. Also I will be doing a set of tutorial videos for it. I have recorded the videos already but since it was live commentary while recording i did stutter a lot and couldn’t find the right words and stuff like that so I need to re record the Voice-over before I can release the videos but if it makes it to the marketplace then the videos will be available with the marketplace release.

Well I have sent all the relevant files to Epic. Hopefully everything is in order and now I’m just waiting for a response :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome!! Good luck axell! I’m super excited about this pack

Definitely going to buy this, hopefully it will be available next wednesday when Epic puts up new stuff on the marketplace.

Will probably buy this as soon as it hits the market, I tried following one of the tutorials and it didn’t have the things I needed in it, and on top of that i’m having trouble with the trap part not checking if the player is still stood on the trap to damage them again, i’m such a newbie with this stuff ^^;

Hopefully the pack will be live today. I will update the thread if so and turn it into a support thread to try and answer every question people might have. And you should find what you are looking for in the pack since the spikes deal damage when you you hit them and damage over time if you continue staying in them.

Well guess no release for today. Not sure why. I’ve contacted Epic yesterday but they haven’t responded yet.

Epic contacted me back and the release date is September 30th!

September? Oh well, i guess they have a big backlog then.

Oh well, time to concentrate on something other in the meantime :slight_smile:

Yea I was a bit surprised as well but hey, nothing I can do about it :(.

I will start working on some updates as well so by the time this goes live I’ll be ready to submit an update to add some additional features.

Very nice work there Axell. I am really looking forward to buying this come Sept 30.

I know this is kind of a stupid question, but would any of this toolkit work with a 2.5D style of platformer game? I’m imagining all the maths involved with your movement code etc. would completely break if not used in the Paper2D engine. :frowning: I’d really love for somebody to do a 2.5D platform toolkit for the marketplace; I love the platform genre but with the 3D perspective. Regardless I’m still going to go ahead and buy your toolkit; I have more than one idea for a game floating inside my head. lol

Let me also thank you for making your toolkit very reasonably priced! I would actually have been happy to pay double if not more for it. I know there is an enormous amount of work you have invested in it.

Many thanks!


Actually the paper2d is only used for the flipbooks and sprites. All the other interactions use basic collisions. The player is still a capsule collider. So in theory it would mean just replacing the flipbook blueprint in order to play 3d animations instead of 2d flipbooks. It should’t be too hard.If the 2d version proves popular enough and no one else does a 2.5D platformer kit by then I might take my 2D one and make a 2.5 version of it :).

Wow, in that case I am even more excited to buy your kit! That is really good news. Originally I was intending to use 2D sprites/flipbooks for the player and enemies anyway (I am terrible at character modelling), and just have the camera in the 2.5D style, so hopefully all the movement and other game logic will just work as you describe. At the worst, I’m sure I could mess around with some of the code (yeah right, who am I kidding :confused: ).

I wish Epic wouldn’t take so long in releasing your kit! lol