2D Platformer Camera Rotation


I’m creating a 2D platformer for a project, I have the camera set up so it’s a 2D side-scrolling camera with 3D assets. Instead of the entire level being one straight line, is there a way I can build a 90 degree angle into my map and have it so the camera and character “turn a corner” but only at that specific spot and only using forward/backwards? I don’t want it to be a cutscene or a snap-turn but rather as the player moves the camera rotates dynamically.


So I am not completely sure of what you mean by “turn a corner” and there are many ways to solve this.
Here are some examples:

  1. Many cameras in the scene and switch between them using “SetviewTargetWithBlend”
  2. Set Positions that the current camera Lerps to.
  3. Use a Spline and hook up the camera to use the spline Location and Rotation.