2D Platformer Bounding Box for Followcam

Hey guys,

I just got into Blueprints and am now working with the paper character blueprint class and wanted to blueprint a followcam.
I came across this unity tutorial which does exactly what I want by creating a bounding box around the character that moves when you touch the bounds:

*now my first question would be*: how would I approach the scripting (like I have no clue at all other than there is a camera blocking volume)?

and second:
is it possible to build the whole thing inside my paper character BP? or should I create a separate BP

Thank you in advance!

so my first thought would be:

  • create a box collider component
  • check line trace for the border
  • make the collider move with hit

maybe something like that?

So I kind of have a setup but currently the box if moved is clunky and only works correct to the left but jumps when i move to the right.

ok so I don’t know if anyone is even interested in this topic. I’m still gonna keep updating it because I think there will be a lot more people wanting to make 2D stuff in unreal:

so this is my BP so far (need to fix the x-axis offset and a translate for the top and bottom of the box):