2D plateformer / Player can't go down too low.

Hey everyone,

I feel quite dumb this morning. My 2D platformer is currently in prototype phase, the UE tools are wonderfull to block a level, but here is my problem.

My player can go left or right without any restriction of distance. But when I go down in a cave, it cannot go too low, at a certain altitude it crashes (got a camera view, don’t know why…)

Here is a video of the bug :

I’m sure it is quite a silly thing, but I really need your help, do’nt know what to do (I’m a graphist, do’nt know much about blueprint and stuff…). Please please help!!

Thanks in advance!

Pierre, France.

Found the solution, indeed it was a bit dumb.

It was not a collision bug or a missplaced player start. It was the KILL Z parameter in the world settings. It was too small (-1000). Increase it and “voilà”!

Made a video, hope it will be usefull!

Cheers guys!

It’s not a dumb solution, it is actually there since the UDK days, its a perfect way to remove actors that fall to the void…

Don’t get offended, Zarkopafilis, I didn’t critisize the UDK, but myself. Sorry if I made myself not clear.