2D Physics actors sticking to each other

Problem solved. I allowed movement along the Y axis, but increased the collision thickness, now everything behaves as it should.

Working on an Angry Birds style game. I have my launching mechanism all set up, but I’m running into some strange behaviors with my projectiles, like sticking to other physics actors, instead of hitting them and bouncing off, sticking to themselves, and sticking to the floor of the level, instead of falling naturally, but sometimes they do behave correctly and act as they should. On both the projectile and the objects that they are hitting, I have constraints to lock movement along the Y axis, and only allow rotation on the Y axis. Also, my projectile has linear damping set to 1.0. Both the projectiles and the objects that get hit with the projectiles are set to Physics Actors in their collision settings, and the game is based off of the 2D Sidescroller Blueprint. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can upload pictures of blueprints or settings, if needed, I just don’t really know where the issues are stemming from, so I’m not sure what other info I should supply.
Is this maybe just a bug of doing a 2D game in Unreal? I’ve heard that Unity is better suited for 2D mobile games, but trying to actually write code is extremely daunting, where as blueprints really click with me and allow me to do lots of things with out having to look at a million tutorials, and I’m not sure how recent the 2D complaints about Unreal are, as they are often improving and updating the editor.
Sorry for the long ramble.

Here is an example of one of the projectiles getting stuck in another sprite. I have tried changing collision modes, applying a physics material that increased the restitution (bounciness) of the projectile and the boxes that get hit with the projectiles, this seemed to help a bit, as more of the projectiles would just bounce off, but I would still end up with projectiles getting stuck in other sprites.