2D Paper Game - Character is sliding on flat (sprite) surfaces


I am currently experimenting with a 2D-Side-Scroller game.
For the map I started out with geometry actors (e.g. “Box”) and now moved to some tile-based sprites.

With the sprites in place the character is now “sliding” across the map after performing a jump (see attached screenshot).
This occurs on flat surfaces as well as slopes. The “sliding” only stops when the player colides with something that stops his movement in right/left direction. Looks like the “Event on landed” is not triggered as well (this is why the character stays within his “falling animation”).
The behavior is still completely normal / as expected when the character is moving on the geometry actors (e.g. the big box on the left-hand side of the screenshot). It only occurs on all of my sprite-based map elements.

Am I missing an important setting for the sprites here?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I’m beginning to learn paper 2d too.

I had a similar problem.

In my case, I identified that my character was getting in a condition to change the animation when it has a collision with another element was in the background.

To fix it I removed the collisions unnecessary